CUTE one piece swimsuits for 2019 (You Don’t Want To Miss Out On)


Your swimwear collection can be a goldmine nowadays, especially when it comes to one piece swimsuits. But here’s the thing: It takes time to find women’s one piece swimsuits (and money) so how do you find the best one piece swimsuits 2019?

Don’t panic! We got you covered.

In this article you’ll find:

  1. The origins of women’s one piece swimsuits.
  2. Trendy one piece swimsuits for women 2019 available right now.

Let’s get started!

When we speak swimsuits, we refer to a garment generally used for swimming or water sports such as water polo, kite surfing, water skiing, surfing, waterboarding or synchronized swimming.

There are many designs on the market that also differ according to shape and even age of the person who uses them. Ever since the rise of the women’s bikini in the twentieth century, two piece swimsuits ruled the scene, but swimwear designers and women around the world prefer one piece swimsuits because of it’s fashionable modesty that doesn’t take away any of the feminine beauty.

Many women like two piece swimsuits, but If you decide to wear a one piece swimsuit, it will definitely be something positive, and it is one of the most comfortable statements you could make on the beach, although it consists of only one part, there are different styles: Animal print, with or without stripes, colors and even different types of necklines.

In recent years, retro madness has given way to swimwear styles inspired by the 90s, focusing on high legs, round neck and back, like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. It is definitely favorable for women that there are so many options that satisfy different desires of what you want to achieve on the beach or at the pool. One piece swimsuits are the perfect canvas to display both styles, whether it prefers ruffles and lace or animal prints, it has become popular again because it reflects the best of both worlds.

Looking back to the past with a retro touch, and at the same time retaining a fresh style with a vision of the future.

And although we know that the bikini has the most sexy look, the one piece swimsuits have symbolic moments like the appearance of Bo Derek in “10” or a more recent example like when Kim Kardashian decided to show her body in Instagram after giving birth, she did it in a one piece, showing that it is possible to show a great body and get a little more coverage at the same time.

The developments in textiles have allowed swimwear designers to create more encouraging and functional styles, allowing you to choose between a “sexy or athletic look”, so that one piece swimsuits will always remain fashionable.

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