Chikolat Beachwear, a brand with a Caribbean tone.
A refreshing morning breeze, the colors of the sunset fusing together and the magnificent flora of the Caribbean coasts are the perfect setting that defines

Chikolat’s beachwear and swimsuits, a Colombian/Venezuelan brand that is born of the enterprising spirit of the Tortosa family and their strategic allies. 

The movement of the waves, colors of the sea and energy of the universe are reflected in the vibrant prints of their designs. The Swimsuits are made with high quality materials and stitched with environmentally friendly techniques, in addition to being fresh and modern designs at affordable prices..

Tortosa Family

Chikolat has designs for women of any nationality, who believe in the power of the earth, its beauty, and infinite power. Thus becoming an ode to the planet and the miracle of life, our collection of swimwear captures it all, so they can be graciously worn and enjoyed by another of nature’s beauties: Women.